I won’t bore you with every detail about my life so far. So I’ve listed some things I’ve done and experienced in the previous years, that influenced me the most.

In the early zeroes I build my first website (, in the years following that site evolved to become one of the biggest and most popular communities in its gaming niche. At the same time I was studying journalism and working a near full-time job.

I managed the site for nearly a decade before I decided to step down. During those years I made many mistakes, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons as well. And I improved my skills as a community manager, content manager, website builder and administrator.

PokerStrategy & Gibraltar

I’ve always loved games and during my studies I learned to play poker. My experience with online communities, my interest for poker and my journalism background led me to Gibraltar, where I started working as a Dutch community and localization manager for

During my time at my responsibilities increased quickly due to several rounds of layoffs. And I got involved with the English and German editorial teams as well. In 2012 I had to return to the Netherlands for family matters.


Over the years I’ve build quite some websites. Some were personal projects (I never have a lack of idea’s for potential sites), others were build for clients. A lot of people started asking if I could help them building their website, so I’ve decided to offer my services as a freelancer.


At the moment I’m residing in Breda, the Netherlands and I’m working full-time as a SEO Webdeveloper at an internet marketing company.

Take a look around at the rest of the website. And if you like what you see, get in touch!